Kind-hearted kids helping people in need

Simple Needs GA (SNGA) is blessed to partner with some incredible organizations. On October 28, some great kids from Casa Montessori in Marietta volunteered at our space. They put together toiletry kits, colored birthday cards, cut and tied no-sew blankets, and organized birthday kits. The group also brought a ton of donations of new kids’ underwear and socks, coats, hats, blankets and games. I worked with the group and was very impressed with the students’ abilities, as well as their interest in hearing about those in need. They had a genuine desire to help other children.kids_and_toiletries_2

Volunteer and Casa Montessori parent Ashley Nolan had contacted me after finding out about SNGA through a friend at church. “I was shocked to hear that there are people living in the woods right around the corner from me,” Ashley said. “It’s one of those things that you hear and just can’t forget.”

group_photoAshley’s family decided to get involved. They started by organizing a coat drive through Casa Montessori and their neighborhood. “It was easy to give away extra jackets,” Ashley said. “I couldn’t stand knowing someone would be living in the elements freezing, while my jacket was just sitting in my closet unused. Our children were excited their coats would go to schoolchildren whose parents could not afford to spend money on this luxury.”

Next, Ashley organized a Cobb County service project for her son’s Casa Montessori class through SNGA. The students decided to gather items that were of particular need for our My Birthday Matters program. “This program in particular resonated with the children,” Ashley said.

As a parent, she says, one of her greatest hopes is that her child will learn to celebrate differences and honor the uniqueness of every person. “We are cultured to believe that poverty exists over there, in some foreign third-world country. And it does. But, it is also here,” she said. “A few miles away from my home someone may have gotten on the wrong path and needs a helping hand, or maybe they just need someone to tell them they matter. It was an honor to serve alongside an organization that is doing just that: meeting people in their greatest need, and offering them a hand.”

Thanks again to these thoughtful and generous volunteers—and thanks to you for your support of people in need!
–Brenda Rhodes

SNGA’s winter drives: ‘Baby, it’s cold outside!’

“It’s the small things sometimes that make a difference. Love and compassion can be shown in so many ways. I want to thank you.”

Simple Needs GA received this kind note from a shelter resident who received a duffel bag of full-size toiletries via our Comfort Kits program. But, really, this is something SNGA hears all the time in many ways from those we help. As our name says, SNGA does simple things that make a big difference in people’s lives, whether they be for a child who just received his first pair of shoes ever via Shoe Them Love, or someone living in the woods who received essential items through our Simply Sheltered program.

“When I was down on my luck, the tent, tarp and sleeping bag were a blessing and helped me get through a tough winter. Now I have a job and an apartment, but I appreciate what you and your donors did for me when I needed it.”

Thank you for making a difference in people’s lives!
On Nov. 13, there’s a great opportunity for you to help us continue this work and put more smiles on faces: Simple Needs GA will participate in Georgia Gives Day, an annual event sponsored by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits in which people from across the state pull together to support organizations and causes they believe in.
We hope you’ll check out our Georgia Gives Day page and make a donation—and feel free to spread the word about SNGA’s participation in the event!
In other news, we wanted to thank the 65 volunteers–most from UCB and TSYS–who helped out at our Marietta warehouse on Hands on Atlanta Day, Oct. 18. These generous folks assembled Comfort Kits, wrapped presents, put together no-sew blankets for My Birthday Matters, and helped us with many other tasks. It was the most volunteers we have had at one time!We currently are helping some families who were previously homeless via our Simple Household Needs program; we’re hoping to find some donated beds/mattresses (or some funds to buy mattresses). Please let us know if you can help with that.
Lastly, our fall donation drives are in full swing. We’re collecting winter supplies for those who live in the woods, toys, children’s coats and other useful items at our Marietta warehouse on Sat., Nov. 15 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and again on Sat, Dec 6 from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. For a list of all that we are collecting right now, click here. If you need our address or have any questions, please email us at (We do not generally publicize our address since we only can take donations on our donation drive days.)
We love giving tours of our space, so come on by on the dates and times above so we can show you around.Feel free to forward this email to your friends, family, or neighborhood and church groups. Visit our blog and our Facebook page for regular updates. More information about our programs is also available at
Thanks for your support of people in need!

Thanks to the volunteers from Foresters!


Greetings, all.

We wanted to give a big ‘shout out’ to the awesome volunteers from Foresters, the not-for-profit fraternal benefit society, who on Aug. 23 braved some seriously hot weather to put together nearly 150 birthday kits for our My Birthday Matters program.

As Foresters members came to enjoy a day at Six Flags, they took time to make birthday cards for the kids and put together the care packages, which included things like coloring books, crayons, markers, cards, and underwear.

Jessica Heidish, Foresters’ Member Coordinator, read about Simple Needs GA in the newspaper and felt My Birthday Matters was a good fit for the organization’s mission–namely to champion family well-being by supporting charities that benefit families.

Local Foresters member Cleo Sloan said the volunteer event was a rewarding day.

“It was a really great experience working with SNGA during our Foresters Family Day Event at Six Flags,” Cleo said. “Being presented with the opportunity to create awareness and assist in providing school supplies and basic needs supplies for young girls within the Marietta City School System battling homelessness, really enlightened our members as well as their family members about the difference that we can make within our community. It takes working with organizations like SNGA to remind us of how a kind and simple act (assembling care packages or creating hand-made birthday cards) can positively impact someone else’s life.”

A big thanks to board member Kasey Litt for working with the volunteers as well!

Save the date: SNGA bowling outing on Sept. 28

Greetings, all.
Just wanted to give you a heads up about our annual bowling outing. We hope you can come out to AMF Marietta Lanes on Sept. 28 and bowl with us! All proceeds will go toward Simple Needs GA programs that benefit children and families in need.

For all the relevant information, read our press release on the event!



Call for committee volunteers!

Greetings, all.

We wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to do even more for people in need through Simple Needs GA. Over the next few months, we will be forming several new volunteer committees. If you’re interested, please consider joining one! Here’s a more in-depth look at what we have in mind…

    Volunteer members of our fundraising committee will work to build strong relationships with current and potential funders, including foundations, corporate sponsors, churches, service organizations and individuals. By generating new ideas and discovering new opportunities that can help us meet or exceed our revenue goals, members of the fundraising committee will make a vital contribution to SNGA.
    SNGA is planning a major fundraising event at The Strand Theatre in downtown Marietta. Our events committee needs volunteers to serve on subcommittees geared toward making our Strand and other events the best they can be. Activities will include selling sponsorships, managing volunteers, getting the word out and more.
    Members of this committee will help SNGA perform a wonderful service—bringing brand-new toys, school supplies, new underwear and other useful items to homeless schoolchildren and those living in local shelters who are celebrating their birthdays. Members will organize wish-list toy drives, shop for presents, research MBM needs, lead volunteers on volunteer days, deliver the gifts to the children and much more.
    This program helps disadvantaged schoolchildren get the uplifting experience of having brand-new shoes of their own. Members of this committee will work to increase donations of $25 gift cards for the purchase of new shoes. They will also work to grow the program and support its operations, in part by collaborating with school counselors and the committee chair.
    SNGA has distributed thousands of duffel bags packed with full-sized toiletries to people checking into local emergency shelters. This committee will plan our drives, research ways to get in-kind donations and work to expand the number of people reached by this valuable program.
    Join us to help write and distribute press releases, email blasts and blog posts and keep our social media sites up-to-date and vibrant. Volunteers with experience in journalism, public relations, graphic design and SEO are preferred, but anyone with strong communications skills is welcome to apply.

The schedules and required time commitments for all of the above committees and subcommittees will vary; members will need to be able to regularly attend meetings, either face-to-face or via conference calls. For more information, contact us at You can also reach us at and @simpleneedsga on Twitter.

Thanks for your support of people in need!

Heads up! June 21st donation drive!

“My daughter said she is beyond excited about her gifts. I mean she looooves her gifts, especially the blanket. Thank you for this; I am so grateful.”

The quote above comes from the mom of a 9-year-old girl who had a great birthday with help from our My Birthday Matters program. Thanks so much for your support of our mission. You’re making a real difference in the lives of people in need!

We wanted to let you know about our upcoming donation drive. On Sat., June 21, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., we will be accepting donations at our warehouse and also offering tours for those who would like to learn more about us. Please email us at for our address.

We’re collecting:
• Brand-new items such as underwear and socks of all sizes; birthday candles; kids’ wrapping paper; coloring books; no-sew blanket kits or fleece; basketballs, soccer balls and footballs; art kits and art supplies, including paper. These items are for My Birthday Matters._SCD7535

• Gently used household items and smaller appliances (no large furniture), as well as bedding, kitchen and bath items, TVs and microwaves. These items are for our Simple Household Needs program, the Cobb and Douglas County Community Services Board and for other agencies that help people coming out of homelessness or who are otherwise in need.

• Any lightly used children’s books for all ages. MUST Ministries will hand out the books during its summer lunch program.

• Pet food (can be opened bags) for a local teenager who has a mission of helping lower-income folks who own dogs and cats.

• Items for the Children’s Room at the YWCA of Northwest Georgia. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for a full description of what’s needed.

If you don’t have anything to donate at this time, you may contribute by sending in a check or donating online. is a great way to support SNGA. Just sign up for the program and choose Simple Needs GA from the list. After that, AmazonSmile will donate to SNGA each time you make a purchase! Just remember to go to the portal before you do your shopping!

Check out how you can support us in similar fashion by signing up for Kroger Community Rewards!

You can also support us by using Goodsearch. Every online search you make turns into a donation to SNGA! Other options to help are GoodShop and GoodDining.

Lastly, if you are someone who loves yard sales, ask for donations from the sellers, especially if it’s near the end of the day. They might have items for our clients or the other agencies we support.

Thanks for your support of people in need!

Giving back: May 17 donation drive!

“If the house isn’t clean, the children suffer.”

This is from a thank-you note from a parent who received a cleaning kit from our Simple Household Needs program. “I always buy food first of course,” she said. “Buying cleaning supplies is last.  Thank you so much for this cleaning kit. It made me so happy and relieved.

We want to thank you for your continued support of Simple Needs GA and its mission to help others. In addition to the cleaning kits, we also help those who are coming out of homelessness with essentials when they find a new place to live. In so doing, we strive to help other agencies in our area as well. We like to “fill in the cracks” of need wherever we can!

On Sat., May 17, from 9:30 a.m-1:00 p.m., we will be accepting donations once again at our warehouse and offering tours for those who would like to learn more about us.

Please take a look around your home to find items you no longer need. We are collecting:

  • Any gently used household items and smaller appliances (no large furniture); think of what you would need if you started over as many families do (bedding, kitchen and bath, TVs, microwaves). These items are for the Cobb/Douglas Community Services Board and other agencies that help those coming out of homelessness.
  • Any lightly used children’s books for MUST Ministries to hand out during their summer lunch program.
  • Pet food (can be opened bags) for a local teenager who has a mission of helping lower-income folks who own dogs and cats.
  • Items for the Children’s Room at the YWCA of Northwest Georgia – see full list of what’s needed.
  • New kids’ underwear and socks; birthday candles to be used for our My Birthday Matters program; new coloring books and new basketballs, soccer balls and footballs.

If you don’t have anything to donate at this time, you may contribute by sending in a check or donating online.  Also, when purchasing anything at, please use the link and choose “Simple Needs GA” as your agency. We’ll get a % of your purchase. And don’t forget to help us by registering with Kroger Community Rewards (read about it here).

Lastly, if you are someone who loves yard sales, ask for donations from the sellers especially if it’s near the end of the day. They might have items our clients or the other agencies we support need.

These gifts make a real difference. On March 15, for example, several of you donated some household items. Mary Robeck of the Cobb/Douglas Community Service Board had this to say in thanks:

“It is difficult to describe how much it means to a person with a mental illness, especially one who has not had his or her own place to live, or who has been completely homeless, to not only be offered a place to call home, but to also be given necessary household items that had been donated by complete strangers! People who suffer from mental illness often feel lonely, uncared for, and neglected by the community; so, just knowing that people cared enough to donate items that they could use touches their hearts.”

We hope everyone is having a great spring! Thanks again for thinking of those in need.