“If the house isn’t clean, the children suffer.”

This is from a thank-you note from a parent who received a cleaning kit from our Simple Household Needs program. “I always buy food first of course,” she said. “Buying cleaning supplies is last.  Thank you so much for this cleaning kit. It made me so happy and relieved.

We want to thank you for your continued support of Simple Needs GA and its mission to help others. In addition to the cleaning kits, we also help those who are coming out of homelessness with essentials when they find a new place to live. In so doing, we strive to help other agencies in our area as well. We like to “fill in the cracks” of need wherever we can!

On Sat., May 17, from 9:30 a.m-1:00 p.m., we will be accepting donations once again at our warehouse and offering tours for those who would like to learn more about us.

Please take a look around your home to find items you no longer need. We are collecting:

  • Any gently used household items and smaller appliances (no large furniture); think of what you would need if you started over as many families do (bedding, kitchen and bath, TVs, microwaves). These items are for the Cobb/Douglas Community Services Board and other agencies that help those coming out of homelessness.
  • Any lightly used children’s books for MUST Ministries to hand out during their summer lunch program.
  • Pet food (can be opened bags) for a local teenager who has a mission of helping lower-income folks who own dogs and cats.
  • Items for the Children’s Room at the YWCA of Northwest Georgia – see full list of what’s needed.
  • New kids’ underwear and socks; birthday candles to be used for our My Birthday Matters program; new coloring books and new basketballs, soccer balls and footballs.

If you don’t have anything to donate at this time, you may contribute by sending in a check or donating online.  Also, when purchasing anything at Amazon.com, please use the link smile.amazon.com and choose “Simple Needs GA” as your agency. We’ll get a % of your purchase. And don’t forget to help us by registering with Kroger Community Rewards (read about it here).

Lastly, if you are someone who loves yard sales, ask for donations from the sellers especially if it’s near the end of the day. They might have items our clients or the other agencies we support need.

These gifts make a real difference. On March 15, for example, several of you donated some household items. Mary Robeck of the Cobb/Douglas Community Service Board had this to say in thanks:

“It is difficult to describe how much it means to a person with a mental illness, especially one who has not had his or her own place to live, or who has been completely homeless, to not only be offered a place to call home, but to also be given necessary household items that had been donated by complete strangers! People who suffer from mental illness often feel lonely, uncared for, and neglected by the community; so, just knowing that people cared enough to donate items that they could use touches their hearts.”

We hope everyone is having a great spring! Thanks again for thinking of those in need.


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