_SCD6763Greetings, everyone!

Our next volunteer day will be Sat., Oct. 5, from 9 to 12. We’ll be meeting at the warehouse to put together duffel bags full of toiletries for people experiencing homelessness. We’ll also be getting started (early!) on our holiday cards for SNGA supporters and taking inventory of toys and school supplies for My Birthday Matters. This SNGA program, which we launched over the summer, brings new birthday presents, school supplies and other useful items to homeless kids enrolled in the Marietta school system.

 Oct. 5 also marks the start of our fall toys and winter supplies donation drives! Please consider stopping by the warehouse on Oct. 5 to drop off winter items, and/or new toys and school supplies for My Birthday Matters!

For My Birthday Matters, we’re in greatest need of art supplies, board games, handheld electronic games such as “Bop It,” jewelry-and craft-making kits and generic sports equipment. We’re also making blankets for the kids, so we need bright-colored fleece—it would be great if people could donate two yards of print and two yards of solid—and lots of scissors and, especially, wrapping paper!

With regard to winter supplies, we’d like to collect blankets, sleeping bags, sheets, tarps, tents, camping supplies, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, candles, boots and long underwear to help those who live in the woods.

Oct. 5 also happens to be Hands on Atlanta Day. We’ll likely have a big turnout, and so it would be great to have some of our regulars at the warehouse to assist the HOA Day volunteers. (Kids 8 years old and older are welcome, but must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.) If you plan on attending on Oct. 5, please let us know by emailing us at info@SimpleNeedsGA.org, or letting us know via the wall on our Facebook page.

We’ve got another volunteer day planned for Nov. 9, so mark your calendar. And of course, we’re planning a lot more for the coming year as well. Please visit this blog and our Facebook page for regular updates.

Thanks for your support of people in need!

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