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We hold our Donation Drives on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Please email us at for our address or any questions about anything you’d like to donate. Further down on this page are donations needed for each of our programs. Specific birthday needs for the kids are listed on our SignUp Genius – link above. Current most-needed items (as of November 19, 2017):

New items:

  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Women’s socks for older teens (sizes 9-11)
  • Underwear for boys (size 18-20 XL)
  • Underwear for girls (sizes 2T-3T, 18)
  • Underwear for women (sizes 4, 5, 11-14)
  • Underwear for men (XS, L)
  • Flip flops for men, L or XL
  • Trash cans (kitchen and bath) – can be gently used
  • Shower curtains (outside curtains can be gently used)
  • Pullups
  • Styling head (for child to do hair) – Frozen or Barbie
  • Character toys ($20-30 range) – Minnie Mouse, Avengers, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, trains (Thomas the Train or other), Superman
  • Character toys ($5-15 range) – Minnie Mouse, Wonder Woman, dinosaurs
  • Backpacks with characters – Batman, Wonder Woman, Paw Patrol, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Iron Man, Flash, My Little Pony, Doc McStuffins, Ninja Turtles, Frozen, Hello Kitty, Dora, Monster High, Shopkins
  • Stuffed animals – specifically (only) need cats, monkeys, cheetahs, tigers, lions, dinosaurs
  • Feminine products
  • See SignUp Genius – link above – for other items, including specific birthday wishes for some children!

New or gently used items (most needed in bold):

  • Baby items (no crib mattresses needed) especially double strollers, walkers, high chairs, bouncy seats, pack ‘n plays
  • Any shoes, as long as no holes in the soles (collecting for the Kiwanis Club)
  • DVD players
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Microwaves
  • Crockpots ($13 at Walmart)
  • Pots and pans, especially larger
  • Strainers (88 cents at Walmart)
  • Sharp/steak knives (good set at Walmart)
  • Cutting boards
  • Can openers
  • Vegetable peelers
  • Measuring spoons and cups
  • Pizza cutters
  • Lamps in good working order
  • Lightbulbs for lamps
  • Fans and space heaters
  • Power strips
  • Bath towels
  • Washcloths
  • Hand towels
  • Bath rugs
  • Blankets (twin, full, queen, king)
  • Comforters (twin, full, queen, king)
  • Baking pans/cookie sheets/casserole dishes
  • Curtain rods
  • Gaming systems
  • Toasters
  • Irons and ironing boards
  • Silverware
  • Air mattresses
  • Computers
  • Glass sets
  • Mattress pads – all sizes esp full and queen
  • Shower curtain rings
  • Yard tools – shovels, pick axes, pruners, hedge clippers, rakes (for the homeless living in the woods)
  • Appliances (working order only) – cable-ready TVs (tube or flat screen; not too large or heavy), top load washers, electric dryers
  • Furniture – bunk beds, toddler beds, mattresses and box springs (all sizes), bed frames, dressers or chests of drawers, TV stands, small entertainment centers, bookshelves, small desks, end tables, nightstands, coffee tables (let us know about any furniture; our needs change all the time)
  • Men’s 26″ bikes in good condition (or needing slight repair)
  • Men’s sneakers or boots (for the homeless population)

See below for our full wish list by program. We do not need used toys or adult clothing (except outerwear in the fall/winter).  [NOTES: Please do NOT drop off large furniture at our space; we will schedule a pick up or drop off at our storage unit (separate location) if you have items we need at the time. We do not publicly post our address because we cannot accept donations when we are not at the warehouse.] Tent1 Here are some of the items we routinely collect.

Simply Sheltered: (new or gently used) blankets, sleeping bags, sheets, throw pillows, tarps, tents, camping supplies, bicycles and locks (new helmets), bug spray, sunscreen, backpacks, coats, jackets, hats, hoodies, gloves, scarves, candles, boots, sneakers and thermals/long underwear. New batteries, bus passes. Yard tools – shovels, pick axes, pruners, hedge clippers, rakes.

Uniforms for Excellence: school uniforms for social workers to distribute to families in need. (Some public schools in Cobb County require uniforms such as khakis and certain color polo shirts, and not all the families can afford them since many of their kids’ clothes are hand-me-downs.) Keep an eye on clearance racks at discount-oriented retailers like Walmart. On one trip, we were able to buy 10 pair of khakis for just $7 or $9 each, along with 30 polo shirts at just $3 each! For the two schools we are concentrating on (in Powder Springs), they need blue, navy, white, hunter green, yellow, pink, grey, burnt orange or black. If anyone donates another color, we’ll share it with other schools! mbm

My Birthday Matters (new donations only): Art supplies/kits and drawing pads; character toys such as Batman, Doc McStuffins, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Monster High, Frozen; sports equipment (footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, bats & balls & gloves); backpacks (especially those with the characters listed above or larger ones for teens who need to carry a lot); books for children (esp. educational for 4-5 yr olds) and teenagers (such as Goosebumps, Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, mysteries); children’s and teen’s wrapping paper (especially for boys); no-sew “character” blanket kits or fleece (1.5-2 yards of print and a matching solid). We also need new underwear and socks for boys and girls (including teens/adult sizes). NOTE: To support the school social workers, we also need new or gently used coats, hats, scarves, and gloves in various sizes for schoolchildren of all ages.

Comfort Kits (new items only):20140321_174937 20′ or larger duffel bags, toiletry and hygiene items (see our web page for a full list), flip flops (to be used as shower shoes – mens’ sizes L and XL preferred)

Shoe Them Love (new items only): $25 Walmart or Payless Shoes gift cards or brand new shoes for schoolchildren of all ages.The shoes will go to the school clothes closet; the gift cards go to the social workers who purchase shoes for the kids.

Simple Household Needs:12771559_1006189172750112_6361219343103140865_o
Laundry baskets, laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies. (For these cleaning kits, we use new items only.) Gently used items can include small kitchen and household appliances (washers/dryers, microwaves/toaster ovens/vacuum cleaners), bedding, electronics, pots and pans, flatware, glasses, furniture (see note above about donation process) and more. See our SHN webpage for more details.



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