Simple Needs GA’s Spirit of Christmas program aims to “fill in the gaps” by helping families in Cobb County who were unable to register for other local programs such as the MUST Toy Shop, Cobb Christmas and Toys for Tots. This program is a great way to get your kids involved in understanding needs in this area. An unexpected emergency—an apartment fire, an eviction notice, the loss of a job, the list is long—can create situations where families suddenly find that they can’t afford Christmas gifts for their kids and haven’t registered for other programs, Brenda says. “We came across this in 2014; school social workers came to us to ask for help with Christmas for families. Now, through referrals from social workers and others, they can can get help from us.” Note that we help those with a referral only (we suggest the alternate programs for others).

DSC_0349In 2015, SNGA created The Spirit of Christmas program and started soliciting donations from SNGA’s amazing donors and volunteers. In 2015, we put smiles on 86 children’s faces and in 2016, 150! In 2017, 158. In 2018, 161. In 2019, 178 kids in 62 families.

By mid to late November (now!), SNGA will be seeking sponsors and volunteers to help organize and then deliver to the kids. We typically are working up until Christmas Eve to ensure we help as many as we can.

To sign up to sponsor a child or help in any other way, please email

Thanks for your support of people in need!