When Bert and Stella Blenner picked up 80 boxes of Always maxi pads at Sam’s Club a few weeks ago, they received some curious stares. But what has surprised everyone at Simple Needs GA is the Blenners’ extraordinary willingness to do anything and everything for people in need—including running unusual errands at local warehouse clubs!

“Bert delivers and picks up furniture for clients on Saturdays, and the Blenners routinely buy needed items for our clients from various merchants around Cobb County,” Brenda said. “On a regular basis, they also bring us gift cards so that we can stock up on supplies for our clients. They are incredible!”

The Marietta retirees have been married for 60 years and have been active members of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on Sandy Plains Road for the past 42 years. Stella is a retired Deacon and served for 28 years as the administrator at Holy Trinity. Bert retired from IBM, where he specialized in facility engineering.

With three daughters, three sons-in-law, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild, the Blenners somehow find the time to volunteer at the Good Mews Animal Foundation as well. Bert helps with new volunteer orientation, transports kitties to doctors’ appointments and runs the aluminum recycling program. Stella cochairs the New Volunteer Recruitment and Recognition Committee. Bert and Stella also spread the word about Good Mews by visiting and hosting civic and school groups.

“We’re grateful for their generosity, kindness and hard work. The Blenners are shining lights in our community.”

“The thing that appeals most to us about SNGA is hearing and seeing firsthand how the organization gets people back on their feet after they have faced difficulties in their lives and employment,” Stella said. “Bert mentioned one furniture delivery where the mother simply stood and cried with happiness when she saw how much nice furniture she and her family were receiving. The good feeling goes both ways.”

The Blenners met Brenda at a Good Mews fundraiser where Stella learned of SNGA’s perennial need for people who have access to trucks. “Bert has a truck—and so the story continues from there,” Stella said.

As Brenda sees it, Simple Needs GA is fortunate to have the Blenners as part of its story. “We’re grateful for their generosity, kindness and hard work,” Brenda said. “The Blenners are shining lights in our community.”

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