Last year, a family in Powder Springs lost their home of four years after the landlord sold the property. The mom and her disabled veteran husband, who is now awaiting both heart and kidney transplants, were homeless for five months. So were their children ranging in age from 2 to 18 years.

Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash

Thanks to Simple Needs GA’s generous donors and volunteers, this family received critical help after emerging from homelessness. SNGA brought them the furniture they needed for their new home, as well as cleaning supplies and small household items. All four children received birthday presents from our My Birthday Matters program.

Below is a note sent to us by the mom, who now volunteers with SNGA, about her experience with our organization and its founder and president, Brenda Rhodes…

“My encounter with Brenda and SNGA revived my trust in humanity and renewed my faith and hope. It was the first time throughout the whole terrible ordeal that I felt compassion and not judged. I had reached out for assistance from several organizations, seeing as though all of our possession had been put in a storage POD and stored away. It was difficult to provide all of the documents the organizations required. I also had to overcome the feeling of shame and embarrassment: Most of the organizations did not offer help without judgment. At every meeting, I found myself defending my family’s position, overly explaining how we got into this desperate situation through no fault of our own, only to still be judged and put into their database.

“I began to feel hopeless. My encounter with Brenda and SNGA revived my trust in humanity and renewed my faith and hope. I was overwhelmed at first and apprehensive about the meeting because I was all-too ready to start overly explaining. My heart was heavy, and I felt my shame was visible on my face.

“At the introduction with Brenda, through her tone and the compassionate energy I felt from her, all of my apprehension had disappeared. I felt human again, and no longer did I feel like a rejected member of society. I felt no judgment.

“I absolutely love and admire what SNGA is doing for the community. I know she started with the initiative to help the homeless. But I would like Brenda to know that she gives more than help. She renews hope to those who have become hopeless, and restores dignity to those who may feel treated less than human because they are in a situation that any one of us could end up in.

“Now I find myself volunteering with SNGA every chance I get. I believe what SNGA is doing should be the blueprint for every organization. Help without judgment, and a sincere concern and understanding for people, are what’s missing from some organizations.

“There are not enough thank-you’s or good words to express my appreciation to Brenda and SNGA. A quote from author Roy T. Bennett that I feel describes it best is, ‘Be the Reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.’ For me Brenda and SNGA are that Reason.”

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