Thanks so much to the Teen Community Service program at the Marcus Jewish Community Center for helping SNGA pack 85 duffel bags last weekend for people in need!
DSC_0014a On Sun., March 24, nine volunteers from the program, which provides Jewish middle and high school students with hands-on service opportunities throughout metro Atlanta, worked together to pack full-sized toiletries and other useful items into 60 men’s bags and 25 women’s bags. “The teens had a great time learning about SimpleNeeds and felt their work really made a difference to those in our community,” said Amy Helman-Darley, TCS Coordinator.

 Since June 2010, SNGA has provided duffel bags packed with shampoo, soap, deoderant, toothpaste, combs, dental floss and other items to thousands of new check-ins at a local emergency shelter. “The volunteers were a great help for us this weekend,” said SNGA founder Brenda Rhodes. “We had checked our storage space and were literally out of packed duffel bags for people in need. It would have taken one or two of us multiple hours to pack such a large number of bags ourselves. But the volunteers worked quickly and efficiently to pack 85 bags, which will make a real difference for the people who receive them. The volunteers did a great job of checking and rechecking the bags to make sure each one had all of items on the inventory sheet. Thanks again to JCC for all the help!”

Keep an eye out for more volunteer opportunities to come!


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