“Thank you for being a blessing in my life.” — Simple Needs GA client

Our next monthly Donation Drive is Sat., May 18, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at our Marietta warehouse. Email brenda@simpleneedsga.orgfor the address or if you have any questions.

If you can’t make it on May 18, we’ll have drives next month on June 1 and June 15. Mark your calendars!

We have some birthdays coming up and would love to get some help with their requests. Here’s our My Birthday Matters SignUp Genius.

Our current top needs…


  • pencil sharpeners—not the small and messy ones, but the larger ones with attached receptacle for shavings
  • markers (box of 10-12)
  • kitchen garbage cans
  • mops and brooms
  • chapter books for tweens
  • Amazon Fire 7 tablets and cases
  • stuffed unicorns and tigers
  • stuffed dogs for older kids
  • journals
  • men’s underwear sizes med and large


  • TVs (cable-ready and not too large/heavy)
  • candles
  • microwaves
  • toasters
  • irons
  • ironing boards
  • crock pots
  • DVD players
  • vacuums
  • paper towel holders
  • pot holders
  • coffee makers

Additional donor resources:
SNGA client Amazon Wish List
Our updated list of client needs
List of small household items SNGA clients are offered

We wanted to convey our gratitude to the awesome team at Marietta-based O’Dell & O’Neal Attorneys, 506 Roswell Street. At the beginning of the year, we were thrilled when Justin O’Dell told us of his plans to support our My Birthday Matters program with a monthly commitment that goes a long way toward making sure homeless children in our community have the birthdays they deserve. The firm also periodically supplies SNGA with household items for our clients.O'Dell and O'Neal April 2019 donations EDIT

Pictured is paralegal Allison Marshall and her daughter, Lucy, who volunteered with Simple Needs GA recently and brought over the needed items purchased by Kyleigh Hall, the firm’sCommunications Manager. “Simple Needs GA aligns perfectly with our firm’s mission statement ‘Serving Clients and Community,’ ” Justin said. “The organization provides a personal connection to those in need and goes the extra mile not just to provide what is needed, but to give families that feeling that they are loved. Every child deserves a special birthday. We are proud to be part of Simple Needs GA and hope to continue to make a difference in our community.”

Simple Needs GA received a nice surprise last month—gift cards from Publix Supermarkets that are already helping our furniture clients obtain daily necessities they struggle to afford.Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 8.18.00 AM

“When furniture clients come to our warehouse to pick up their small household items, we ask them detailed questions about their situations,” said Brenda Rhodes, SNGA Founder. “These gift cards are allowing us to ‘fill in the gaps’ and make sure they have the basics they need to live with more dignity, comfort and ease. We truly appreciate this generous sponsorship from Publix.”

“At Publix Super Markets, we are proud supporters of organizations which focus on youth, education, alleviating hunger, and the plight of homelessness,” said Brenda Reid, Manager, Media and Community Relations. “When our founder George Jenkins was once asked what he thought he would be worth had he not given so much away, he humbly answered, ‘Probably nothing.’ This culture of giving is core to Publix Super Markets’ values and mission.”

We had a great open house (and My Birthday Matters 5th anniversary celebration) on Sat., April 13. Thanks to founding board member Melanie Booker and all of the other volunteers who made it happen! Many of these dedicated folks worked hard on tidying our warehouse in the week prior to the event. Melanie’s husband, Mark, even cleaned up our landscaping!

We had about 50 guests in all, plus 18 volunteers and a few client families. Lots of folks who stopped by took tours of our warehouse. Volunteers greeted guests, processed donations, made sure folks had drinks and, of course, steered them to all of the food, including the generously donated catering by Newk’s in Kennesaw. We also can’t thank FHLBank Atlanta enough for sponsoring the event!

We love welcoming new and old friends at our open houses and hope you enjoy them, too!

Elijah Carmack, a Scout from Troop 480 in Acworth, needed some extra hands this past April when it came time to drop off donations at our Marietta warehouse.

The 15-year-old had collected a huge haul of items from friends, family, neighbors and donation boxes placed at his church and various businesses. The cache [PICTURED, BELOW] filled several rooms of his house. “It was all sorts of items like lamps, mops, soaps, cleaning supplies, furniture, blankets and book bags,” Carmack said.

Part of scouting from the age of 8, Carmack is a freshman at Allatoona High School. His ambitious donation drive was his Eagle Scout project—a critical part of attaining the coveted rank. “I need just two more merit badges and then I’ll have my Board of Review,” he said.Elijah with Haul

He found out about Simple Needs GA from Dave Milligan, his Eagle Scout project coach. “I told him I had an idea of helping people struggling in financial situations,” Carmack said. “Simple Needs GA seemed like a very open, welcoming recipient, and I felt like they would really help me get my project done.”

Carmack, who is on the wrestling team at Allatoona High School, spends a lot of time working out, wrestling and hanging out with friends. “I’m not exactly sure what I want to do in the future, but I definitely want to help people, maybe some kind of athletic trainer or doctor,” he said.

We have a feeling he’ll be successful at whatever he chooses to pursue, given how hard he has worked in scouting—and on behalf of our clients.

Thanks to Elijah and all of those who helped with this amazing project!

Thanks to those who recently gave $200 to SNGA trough the Thrivent Choice program of Thrivent Financial, an organization focused on helping Christians be wise with money and live generously!

We had a great time working with Interact, a Rotary Club group that brought more than a dozen 12 to 14 year old volunteers to our warehouse on April 20. Thanks so much!

Eight enthusiastic and caring students [PICTURED, BELOW] from KSU’s Sigma Gamma Rho sorority helped out at our warehouse on April 20! They did a fantastic job and we are most grateful!Sigma Gamma Rho KSU

And on May 4, we received more help from the volunteers at Christ Lutheran Church. Thanks to this great house of worship for its generous support of SNGA!

Of Simple Needs GA’s seven programs, Simple Household Needs is by far the most challenging as a result of the complex logistics—and at times heavy lifting—involved in providing furniture to people in need.

However, our volunteers love being a part of Simple Household Needs despite the challenges. They feel tremendous satisfaction in seeing how this program helps our clients cope with severe challenges such as coming out of homelessness, escaping from domestic violence or recovering from devastating fires.

Sometimes the experience is eye-opening. “A new volunteer took a few things to a client last Saturday between the rain drops,” Brenda noted. “When he returned, he said incredulously, ‘They had nothing in their apartment.’ ”

We are deeply grateful to our volunteers and those who donate furniture and household items to the program as well.

We need much more help for this program. If you have any interest in contributing to Simple Household Needs, we would love it if you could join us! Just email brenda@simpleneedsga.org.

As an aside, I should mention that Simple Household Needs is expensive, too: We spend about $22,000 a year on things such as truck rentals, labor and buying mattresses and box springs when our donated supply runs out.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to Simple Household Needs, just visit this link for more info: https://simpleneedsgablog.com/donate/financial-support/

If you regularly make donations to Simple Needs GA (or would like to!), we’d love it if you would consider making your donation automatically recur each month. Just go to SimpleNeedsGA.org, click one of the “donate” buttons and then check “make this donation recurring (monthly).”

You can use your credit card or a PayPal account for these donations. However, if you plan to routinely donate online to SNGA, you might consider signing up for a PayPal Giving Fund account. PayPal Giving Fund charges no fees to enrolled charities, so all of your donations will go to SNGA!

Of course, you could also just mail a monthly check to:

Simple Needs GA
P.O. Box 670265
Marietta, GA 30066



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