“Simple Needs GA is a groundbreaking organization that needs to be emulated nationwide”—Facebook comment from a former client (a mom with three kids) who received help from SNGA in a time of need. 

Greetings, all.

Our next monthly Donation Drive is Sat., Jan. 19, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at our Marietta warehouse. Email brenda@simpleneedsga.org for the address or if you have any questions.

If you can’t make it on Jan. 19, we’ll have drives next month on Feb. 2 and Feb. 16. Mark your calendars!

In addition to winter outerwear for people of all ages and sizes, our clients need:

BRAND NEW: kitchen garbage cans, mops and brooms, boy’s socks for ages 5 and up, books for tweens, small “shopping” bags to put smaller items in for kids who are in pre-K or younger (older kids get backpacks), Amazon Fire 7 tablets (when you see them on sale).

NEW OR GENTLY USED:microwaves, irons, ironing boards, DVD players, baking pans, large serving bowls, pizza cutters, bath rugs, sheets (esp. full and twin), blankets and comforters (all sizes), air mattresses, mattress pads, water pitchers, shower rings.

CURRENT FURNITURE NEEDS (NEW OR GENTLY USED): mattresses and box springs, kitchen tables and chairs, couches, dressers or chests of drawers, TV stands, nightstands, coffee tables, small desks and bookshelves. 

If you would like to donate larger (essential) furniture, please email photos to brenda@simpleneedsga.org. If you can deliver, GREAT! If not, include address as well (pick up in Cobb County only).

One of our goals for our furniture clients is for them to not spend too many nights sleeping on the floor. We do not receive enough donations of mattresses and box springs, so we often need to purchase them.We welcome financial contributions toward the purchase of those.

Additional donor resources:
SNGA client Amazon Wish List
Our updated list of client needs
List of small household items SNGA clients are offered


Our My Birthday Matters program helped approximately 256 children  in 2018, increasing from 217 in 2017. Our Simple Household Needs program brought furniture and household items to 126 clients—a huge increase over the 77 we helped through this program in 2017. It was also a tonof extra work and required a lot more money to buy beds, rent trucks and cover other costs. Thanks so much to all of those who made this possible, including not just our regular volunteers but also local franchises from Two Men And A Truck. (Grateful for the help from Two Men’s Lawenceville/Suwanee location! @TwoMenLawrenceville @tmt_lville)

Our Spirit of Christmas program was an amazing success as well: Volunteers and donors came together to give $100 in requested gifts to 159 children in 61 families, all of whom also received extras like puzzles, board games and hats, gloves and scarves. Parent(s) also received a $25 Walmart card. 

Donations drives organized by individuals and groups were part of what made our Spirit of Christmas program so amazingly successful this year.

Lori Hollaran, for example, tapped into the high energy and commitment of her fellow members at Burn Boot Camp East Cobb, 2100 Roswell Rd Suite 1120, to run her second Christmas toy drive in a row for SNGA!

A member of the high-intensity fitness center since November 2017, Lori made a toy box for the East Cobb location and collected nearly 50 presents [generously donated by more than 40 Burn Boot Camp (BBC) East Cobb members. “BBC East Cobb is a facility where members come together all the time to help out our local community,” she explained.

Donations from Burn Boot Camp in East Cobb

All in all, this year Lori and her friends, family and BBC East Cobb workout partners collected a total of 62 gifts for SNGA’s clients. The donations, which Lori brought to SNGA’s warehouse on Dec. 20, included baby dolls, slime sets, remote control cars, and a Target gift card. The gifts were for children all ages, including infants. “We were blown away last year when Lori and her daughters brought our clients about 50 presents from an SNGA ‘toy party,’ ” Brenda said. “Now she’s done it again. Thanks so much, Lori. You’re amazing!” 

Another example is the drive run by Explore Wildwood. Members of the nature-based homeschool enrichment program, comprised mostly of Cobb and Paulding families, bought about 30 items off of our “most wanted” Christmas list. 

Jenn and her daughter Gemma

“Last year, the 10 children in our program did a ‘secret Santa’ gift exchange for each other,” said Jenn Fletcher, Explore Wildwood’s director, founding member and head art teacher. “This year, instead of doing for each other, we decided to all pitch in and do donation gifts for others instead.”

Those donations included dolls and accessories; educational and crafty play items; Hot Wheels sets; books; board games; winter gloves; and an Amazon tablet. 

Jenn, who has worked with SNGA’s My Birthday Matters program, said Explore Wildwood’s members liked the idea of supporting the mission of a smaller nonprofit. You can find out more about Explore Wildwood on its Facebook page and website.

We wish we could thank individually all of the amazing, dedicated, generous community volunteers and donors who make these programs possible. We also continue to receive support from local organizations and companies, such as the Marietta office of Progressive Insurance, which sponsored two families and gave each of the kids a lot of presents!

You’re touching the hearts of families in need and putting big smiles on children’s faces! Way to go! 


To celebrate her 10th birthday this past November, Addison did something that was as inspiring as it was unusual—rather than focusing on herself, she collected presents for children in need.

“Addison found out about Simple Needs GA through a family friend,” said her mom Paula. “She realized that she had more than enough, and that other children her age may not, so she chose to give items to SNGA’s clients as her birthday wish.”

Addison collected an array of gifts—everything from Kindle Fire tablets, to household items such as pillows—for the school-age clients of our My Birthday Matters program and other children in need referred to us or known to us through our furniture program.

Addison and her birthday donations

“She asked family and friends to donate a toy or item instead of buying her a gift,” Paula explains. “I have never seen her happier to receive something for her birthday knowing she would be donating it!”

“As a parent, one of the greatest things you can teach your child is to give to others,” she said. “We were very proud of her—especially since it was her own idea. I believe Addison has gotten a good foundation of teaching from her church, school and family about being kind to others, and it’s showing!”

“We couldn’t agree more!” Brenda said. “What I particularly love about Addison’s story is the way it illustrates the joy that we feel whenever we act from a place of generosity and concern for others. Way to go, Addison! You’ve inspired us all!”


If you regularly make donations to Simple Needs GA (or would like to!), we’d love it if you would consider making your donation automatically recur each month. Just go to SimpleNeedsGA.org, click one of the “donate” buttons and then check “make this donation recurring (monthly).”

You can use your credit card or a PayPal account for these donations. However, if you plan to routinely donate online to SNGA, you might consider signing up for a PayPal Giving Fund account. PayPal Giving Fund charges no fees to enrolled charities, so all of your donations will go to SNGA!

Of course, you could also just mail a monthly check to:

Simple Needs GA
P.O. Box 670265
Marietta, GA 30066


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