two-men-truckMoving is no simple task. In addition to muscle power, it requires valuable commodities such as time, a good sense of direction, skill in driving an oversized truck and — perhaps trickiest of all — the ability to coordinate pickups and deliveries among multiple parties with hectic schedules.

This is precisely why picking up donations and delivering the items to people in need is one of the biggest challenges we face at Simple Needs GA (SNGA).

So we were absolutely thrilled recently when Robyn Christopher, Marietta Sales Manager for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, called us out of the blue to offer the company’s services for free! Over the past few weeks, Robyn’s team has helped SNGA’s Simple Household Needs program pick up sofas, lamps, tables, beds, chairs, and more from our generous donors and deliver them straight to people in need or to our storage unit.

“We strive to team up with local 501(c)(3) organizations to help out in any way we can,” Robyn said. “The owner of our franchise has multiple locations within the state of Georgia, and all of the sales managers at these locations regularly work with nonprofits.”

In fact, it’s all part of a company-wide trend. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisees all over the country frequently dedicate both time and money to area charities, though it’s not a requirement, said Robyn.

two-men-and-a-truck-logo“The founder of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, Mary Ellen Sheets, has spent her entire life volunteering and is a longtime supporter of many organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, United Way of America, and the YMCA,” Robyn said. “When she started the company 30 years ago, Sheets and her sons made a $1,000 profit in the first year. They decided to give it all away in the form of $100 donations to 10 different local charities. Giving is a huge part of the company culture, which is part of what attracted me to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.”

Robyn’s team plans to continue helping SNGA with pickups and deliveries as scheduling permits. We can’t thank them enough!

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