A big shout of thanks to the Sope Creek Elementary Rise Up! 4 Christ chapter! They have chosen Simple Needs GA’s ‘My Birthday Matters’ program as their Compassion Challenge beneficiary. I attended their chapter meeting on Friday to talk about SNGA and MBM.

10382743_796683367034028_8078294000419924980_nRISE UP! is an after school program for elementary-aged children with the purpose of teaching Biblical applications in a creative and fun environment that allows each child to feel Christ’s unconditional love. The Compassion Challenge gives $1 to each student, asks them to identify an area where they are talented and use those talents to turn that $1 into more money throughout the month of December.

“I heard that one Sope Creek family already did their Compassion Challenge by hosting a basketball tournament at their home this weekend and raised over $300 for SNGA,” said Kim Miller, one of the organizers of the Sope Creek chapter. “We are praying for more great results in the weeks ahead!”

We are honored and excited to be a part of this effort!

Thanks to you for your support of people in need.
–Brenda Rhodes

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