“It’s the small things sometimes that make a difference. Love and compassion can be shown in so many ways. I want to thank you.”

Simple Needs GA received this kind note from a shelter resident who received a duffel bag of full-size toiletries via our Comfort Kits program. But, really, this is something SNGA hears all the time in many ways from those we help. As our name says, SNGA does simple things that make a big difference in people’s lives, whether they be for a child who just received his first pair of shoes ever via Shoe Them Love, or someone living in the woods who received essential items through our Simply Sheltered program.

“When I was down on my luck, the tent, tarp and sleeping bag were a blessing and helped me get through a tough winter. Now I have a job and an apartment, but I appreciate what you and your donors did for me when I needed it.”

Thank you for making a difference in people’s lives!
On Nov. 13, there’s a great opportunity for you to help us continue this work and put more smiles on faces: Simple Needs GA will participate in Georgia Gives Day, an annual event sponsored by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits in which people from across the state pull together to support organizations and causes they believe in.
We hope you’ll check out our Georgia Gives Day page and make a donation—and feel free to spread the word about SNGA’s participation in the event!
In other news, we wanted to thank the 65 volunteers–most from UCB and TSYS–who helped out at our Marietta warehouse on Hands on Atlanta Day, Oct. 18. These generous folks assembled Comfort Kits, wrapped presents, put together no-sew blankets for My Birthday Matters, and helped us with many other tasks. It was the most volunteers we have had at one time!We currently are helping some families who were previously homeless via our Simple Household Needs program; we’re hoping to find some donated beds/mattresses (or some funds to buy mattresses). Please let us know if you can help with that.
Lastly, our fall donation drives are in full swing. We’re collecting winter supplies for those who live in the woods, toys, children’s coats and other useful items at our Marietta warehouse on Sat., Nov. 15 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and again on Sat, Dec 6 from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. For a list of all that we are collecting right now, click here. If you need our address or have any questions, please email us at info@simpleneedsga.org. (We do not generally publicize our address since we only can take donations on our donation drive days.)
We love giving tours of our space, so come on by on the dates and times above so we can show you around.Feel free to forward this email to your friends, family, or neighborhood and church groups. Visit our blog and our Facebook page for regular updates. More information about our programs is also available at SimpleNeedsGA.org.
Thanks for your support of people in need!

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