Overview: Spirit of Christmas 2018

Program Description

With referrals from school social workers and others, our goal is to make the holidays brighter for as many kids as we have the resources to help. Many of the families referred to us have missed out on other local holiday programs because of unforeseen circumstances. We want them to experience the spirit of Christmas just the same. In 2017, SNGA supplied Christmas gifts to 158 Cobb County kids from 54 families.c8e39e82-0301-41b0-8f19-61662e6c95a5

How You as an Individual or Family Can Help

In late November or early December, we’ll collect wish lists from kids in the program and then the fun begins! You can help by sponsoring a child – or siblings, even – and buying the items they’ve requested. (See our Amazon Wish List here.) The total amount spent per child is typically around $100. We’ll publish the wish lists on an online sign-up whereyou can choose the child or children for whom you’d like to shop. If you’d like to shop for multiple kids rather than work from a specific wish list, you can purchase our most-requested items.

Each child will receive a hat, gloves and a scarf. Every family will receive at least one board game depending on the number of children/ages of the kids. And the parent(s) receive a $25 Walmart gift card. The sponsor of the child or family can provide these items or we will.SpiritofChristmasVols

You can wrap and/or deliver the gifts yourself if you sponsor the entire family – or drop them off at our warehouse where our hard-working volunteers will do the wrapping and delivering.

We also need volunteers to shop, wrap and deliver! If you’re interested in helping out, just let Brenda know. Most of the work takes place in the week or so leading up to Christmas.

How Your Company, Church or other Organization Can Help

You also can certainly sponsor kids as mentioned above. You can consider a toy drive for the most needed items requested. Or buy hats, gloves and scarves; board games; or $25 Walmart gift cards.

  • Spread the word to your community, requesting sponsors.
  • Volunteer as a group the week before Christmas – wrap, deliver, shop.
  • Instead of exchanging gifts with each other, buy a gift or gift card for our program.

For more information, email brenda@simpleneedsga.org.

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